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Human Resource Management

This module on human resource management reinforced some things that I already learned about human resource management, but more importantly, it introduced changes that have occurred since my last exposure to this topic. The technical advances in using the Internet as a resource to source for employees is a major change since my last exposure to this topic. Another area of change is the trend for outsourcing of employees. I managed an outsourced company that was hired to perform service on Xerox equipment in a specified territory. The type of work was just as the textbook described a repetitive type task. I learned from the text the reasoning and bottom line improvements that the company gained from the outsourcing. Overall, this module has been a learning experience and a good reinforcement for those concepts that I knew but had not used in some time.

The topics I have chosen to focus on in this summary paper are Recruitment and Selection, Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action, and Human Resource Planning. I believe that these topics are not only important for the human resource manager, but also the first line managers in the organization. Managers who understand these concepts can help the company achieve its management' class='brand-secondary'>human resource management goals, as well as, develops the manager's HRM skills. When the managers of the company understands the HRM objectives, they can better articulate and carry out their responsibilities to include the corporate direction. Today's HRM issues need the support of the company's managers to collectively implement change and attract future applicants.

Recruitment and Selection

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...ical people that they did not plan on losing.

Finally, human resource manager that follows trends in the global marketplace will continue to keep up with the global labor market. Human resource managers must continue to expand their knowledge and understanding in the global market in order to keep their company abreast of new developments and trends.

My expectation is that I will continue to keep abreast of changes in the human resource management process. By keeping my skills current in the recruitment and selection process I will be able to make informed hiring decisions on behalf of the company. Pursuing my interest in the key legislative changes will help me maintain a current skill set to make positive decisions with respect to employees. Finally, understanding the human resource planning strategies will allow me to improve my effectiveness as a manager.

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