Human Resource Strategies For Implementation Of An Employee Voice Process

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Introduction This essay will discuss the Human Resource Strategies for implementation of an employee voice process in the workforce. The areas of review will focus on the type of mechanisms, the benefits of having an employee voice process and how they can be impacted in both union and non-union labor forces. In the article “A Human Resource Management perspective” (McCabe & Lewin, 1992) an employee voice is described in two forms. First is the employee expression’s to management on any complaint related to most work context (McCabe & Lewin, 1992). Second an employee voice can also be described as a group of employees who are involved in a decision making process within the organization (McCabe & Lewin, 1992). Several types of employee voice mechanisms reviewed in the article by McCabe and Lewin (1992) are discussed at length. The majority of these mechanisms focus around union organizations however; these processes can also be utilized in the nonunion organization. These include processes for resolving employee issues where the process of using a grievance method by the employee to the company. The use of a mediator is one of the first types of employee voice mechanism. The mediator is a person who will listen to grievances of the employee and work between the employee and the company to help resolve the issue. Their main purpose is typically the voice of the employee instead of the employee communicating directly with the employer. This is typical in a union environment. The authors of the article McCabe & Lewin (1992) state for this type of voice process to be effective the mediator must be very knowledgeable with the organization and act solely on the behalf of the employee’s interest. 3 The secon... ... middle of paper ... ...rograms within their organization are less likely to organize a union drive and will be an employee who will be less likely to threaten to quit (Wilkinson & Fay, 2011). There is also a feeling that implementation of one of these mechanisms is beneficial to Human Resources as employees will not typically see any type of action with regards to unfair labor practices within the organization. In conclusion employees who are allowed to have a direct voice to their manager are a greater advantage to the organization, human resources and the employee. A union presence in an organization can create obstacles for the employee and the company where there is a collective voice. An employee has no voice to speak freely to his or her manager to offer up support, process recommendations or voice concerns about specifics issues which can cause challenges across all areas.
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