Human Resource Management and Migrant Labour

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Human Resource Management and Migrant Labour Table of Contents: ‎ ‎1.‎ Introduction ‎ ‎2.‎ Literature Review ‎ ‎3.‎ Critical Analysis and Discussion ‎ ‎4.‎ Conclusion ‎ Introduction:‎ Migration in every country leads to a change in the labour market. Countries like UK ‎grant immigration rights to the large numbers of immigrants every year and openly allow ‎immigrations from citizens of their former colonies. The attitudes of a country towards ‎immigration vary greatly on the particular employment patterns and needs at that given time, and ‎these attitudes may change over time. This paper will assess the changes in the labour market of ‎the UK due to the immigrations and its impact on the human resource management in an ‎international setting.‎ A flow of new migrants in any country may have a huge impact on the labour market, ‎however the positive or negative aspect of the impact greatly depends on the jobs being created ‎due to the spending of the immigrants to boost businesses and their production, the drop-off in ‎the activity of the existing population such as the retirement or number of dependent population, ‎and the capabilities of immigrants to fill the existing gaps of skills. Such factors are considered ‎when it is decided whether migration has actually affected the labour market of a particular ‎country negatively or positively. Moreover, in the UK, analysts suggest that the immigrations ‎have led to a huge impact on the labour market which is mostly regarded as a positive one ‎‎(Adesina, 2008, p. 72).‎ Literature Review:‎ According to the statistics and trends which have been observed in the labour market ‎since the 1940s when the mass migration took place, it can be concluded that there have b... ... middle of paper ... ...ty on Young Pakistanis. UK: ‎Ashgate Publishing ‎ Dustmann, C. 2005. The Impact of Immigration on the British Labour Market. UK: The ‎Economic Journal ‎ Ham, M. 2010. Ethnicity and Integration. UK: Springer ‎ Nowotny, E. 2009. The Integration of European Labour Markets. UK: Edward Elgar Publishing ‎ Paul, S. 2010. The role of the corporate HR function in global talent management. UK: Elsevier ‎ Pinnington, A. 2010. International Human Resource Management. UK: SAGE Thomas, D. 2013. Essentials of International Human Resource Management. UK: SAGE ‎Publications ‎ Vargas-Silva, C. 2014. The Fiscal Impact of Immigration in the UK. UK: The University of ‎Oxford ‎ Raymer J. 2010. Demographic Aspects of Migration. UK: Springer ‎ Kahanec M. 2009. EU Labour Markets After Post-Enlargement Migration. UK: Springer Smith S. 2003. Labour Economics. UK: Psychology Press ‎
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