Human Resource Management Case Study Of Arik Air

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Arik Air being one of the largest airlines is an attractive option for our US based company, but it will come with considerable concerns about management, and administration of resources. Our company will now have to develop a plan to address the following issues; of hiring and maintaining a qualified pilot staff, host nation employees satisfaction under the new parent company and flexibility of a new pay scale. Overall, investment in this endeavor will be eventually very profitable, but we must first address the human resource situation, and this will be quite a complicated task. So where do we start? Before we look at assets, aircraft, and pilots who will represent a significant portion of value added assets but a minority in statistical…show more content…
("What is Polycentric Approach? Definition and meaning - Business Jargons", 2015) The rationale for this approach is that the locals know their culture better than the foreign owners and can run the business more efficiently as compared to how we can at this moment. According to Thomas P. Bechet 's article " Developing Staffing Strategies That Work: Implementing Pragmatic, Nontraditional Approaches," addresses staffing from a proactive, planning perspective, not just an implementation concern. It is no longer appropriate to consider staffing solely from an application perspective. (Bechet, 2000) Even though it may have been acceptable practice in the past, it is no longer realistic for business to assume that the staff needed to implement its plans is readily available and quickly recruited, developed and deployed. (Bechet, 2000) In fact, staffing constraints (e.g., an inability to hire a sufficient number of individuals with critical skills) may impact the company’s ability to implement its plans. (Bechet, 2000) In Nigeria, organizational control should be placed in the hands of management the host nation team to effectively manage employees and match them ability closely with our American desired goals and objectives to move the airline forward. (Fajana, Owoyemi, Elegbede, & Gbajumo-Sheriff,
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