Human Resource Management

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Introduction Noted the importance of the human element of any organization, whether operating locally or internationally, becoming the human element and the knowledge and qualification of one of the companies was evaluated only the financial aspects, the human element is capable of exploiting the various other elements optimization. While recognizing the importance of the human element cannot ignore the impact of the environment on this item and we can say that the environment plays a major role in the success of a Manager in the performance of his duties. Hence the importance of attention to managers, a person who succeeds in his management of the Organization in one country fail in managing a similar organization in another country, because of different environmental effects. Sources of human resources: 1. Home-Country Nationals Many international companies prefer to assume key positions in its overseas units, managers, technicians and experts from the country of origin. This has many features including: • The fact that these workers coming from the mother country experts who work with and know well how work at home understand this knowledge transferred to employees abroad. • Learn from abroad many things such as the culture of people in the foreign country, and the functioning of global markets, the nature of the consumers and how to accept them for the company's products. • Acquire the knowledge and skills available in the foreign country and host to the mother country. • To ensure the loyalty of these workers, particularly in a crisis situation among international and host country or between home country and host country. The disadvantages of working from home country selection is : • The extra cost caused by the wi... ... middle of paper ... ...ysis, environment, regulation - Polarization - Training - Salaries and wages - Performance evaluation - Rehabilitation experts to return home Conclusion The above note the complexity of human resources management on those local variables that are not located on the local level. There is a process of comparison and selection between alternative sources of human resources, the human resources management international face various challenges in a country of expatriation, the members of the management of the properties of certain recipes that help them do business in that country after that adapt and make do with all new environmental variables. It is the exercise of public functions of human resources management to analyze and recruit and train staff and assess their performance and determining remuneration and to return to their home country after their missions.
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