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Human Population Genetics has been an on going field of biology that has been evolving much like the populations that are studied themselves. It looks to show the evidence of human origin, and through a common ancestor how we are more related then not. Through extensive research on the subject many studies like the Genographic Project and the Human Genome Diversity Project have answered some questions about how modern humans evolved, migrated, and became the racial identities they are known as today.
Human population genetics significance to Anthropology is to show that humans can’t just be divided into ethnic races by looks alone. The research covered in this paper shows that populations that are divided far apart in location share much more DNA then they do not. It also covers the important factors of relation within populations, and the risks of such populations have with disease primarily associated with that group of peoples.
To firstly put and idea of how the field of study came about you must know when it started. During the late 19th century with the help of Mendel and Darwin, and then later into the 20th century the field of population genetics came into being. Through the 1920s and 1930s, scientists R.A. Fisher, J.B.S. Haldane and Sewall Wright and many others made the foundations of the biological field in which they worked. Using concepts such as mutation, genetic drift, gene flow and natural selection, they tested their theories, looking for patterns within the populations that could show how they were possibly related through the distribution of gene frequencies in a population.
With these achievements in human population genetics through their research they helped set the basis on how genetics are looked ...

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...ry 4 Ashkenazi Jews has the “bad” gene that is frequently expressed in their genetics, and often run in families due to the frequency of the alleles being in a very small population.

In my case, though I have not had any testing done my families Jewish roots are of most probably Ashkenazi descent. I’d like to enter my DNA some day into the Genographic Project, and discover what is exactly in my genes; maybe I find something amazing out. Much like America, my family has become a large mixing pot, my grandfather being Russian and Lithuanian, my mother being Russian/Eng.Candian, and my father being Welsh/Hungarian/German, I’m sure my genetic variation helps disperse any worries about Ashkenazi inherited diseases. Through this paper I think I’ve learned a lot more about myself, a people I though I knew, and much more about genetics then I ever wanted to know.

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