Human Overload And Underload Essay

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Human Overload and Underload – stress, arousal and sleep Most of us have experienced stress in our study, work, family and etc. It is normal that we feel stress in our daily life, but how stress will affect us and how can we get the best performance in a stressful environment. I would like to share my opinion with the research I got and some of my person experience. Firstly, Stress can be defined as the sum of biological reactions to any adverse stimuli be it mental, physical, internal, emotional, or external that can disturb the body’s compartmentalized into two different categories – acute and chronic. Acute stress is the most common form of stress. Which occurs when we encounter demanding and pressures work in the recent past or the near future. For example, when a deadline is approaching, stress may help you to focus and complete your task before the deadline. College students use this type of stress often to finish projects and exams. By the same token, overdoing on short-term stress can lead to psychological distress, tension headaches, upset stomach and other symptoms. On the other hand, chronic stress is the grinding stress that affects people day after day, year after year. Chronic stress destroys bodies, minds and lives. It causes chaos through long-term attrition. It's the stress of poverty, of dysfunctional families, of being trapped in an unhappy marriage or in a despised job or career. Chronic stress comes when a person never sees a way out of a miserable situation. It's the stress of unrelenting demands and pressures for seemingly interminable periods of time. With no hope, the individual gives up searching for solutions. This stress has the ability to create additional health problems, for example heart disease ... ... middle of paper ... ...rate, or high. As discuss, there is a relationship between stress and performance, and there are ways that stress can be put to optimal use for the individual. Different strategies do exist for managing stress. It’s up to each of us to explore our stress tolerances and what may or may not be effective ways for coping. Using the inverted U – shaped model, one can see how arousal levels are increased and decreased and that there is a way to optimize one’ s stress level to obtain peak performance. The four tips for managing stress in the cockpit includes Hold discussions among crewmembers, Crew resource management, Review standard operating procedures, use a checklist and use constant crosschecks. One final though, try to create time and space whenever you feel stressed. The thinking process needs time and wiggle space. These should be factored into your flight plan.

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