Human Nature

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If people looks at human nature and had to choose whether or not, if humans effect the environment in a positive or negative way, many people would probably pick a positive. Some people feel humans help nourish the earth and learn ways to control and use natural resources. The environment is not just in a local area and people only take care of that area. The environment is not just there and have no solid purpose for everything else around the world. The environment is the foundation to life. Without the environment most people would not be able to live, learn, and adapt to surrounding. Human nature and the way people see the environment is important to everyone’s survival. Human Nature and the environment is more powerfully synced than most people are led to believe. Few people understand the importance humans have on the environment but some people have no idea. Human beings effects on the environment may have a lot of positive outcomes but there are four main negatives that human beings need to change including overpopulation, air pollution, deforestation, and extinction of helpful species. First reason why humans in Today’s world has a negative impact on the environment and need to change is that the earth is being overly populated. Over population is when there is too many people living in a certain area and there is not enough natural resources to survive off of. Human population is growing at a rapid pace. There are roughly two hundred thousand people being born each and every day. In which adds up to one billion people to the world for every twelve years added to the population. When an area gets over populated, everyone in that area goes crazy because everyone has needs for survival and natural resources are getting ... ... middle of paper ... ... negative impact on the environment and need to change. The environment is a beautiful thing and needs to be treated well. The funny thing about the environment is that people look at it as if it will always be here but in reality as long as they keep over populating it with new species, creating pollution, causing deforestation, and killing off entire species it will diminish. After natural disasters occurs and things begin to get extremely bad do people realize just how important environment really is in order to accomplish and receive all the nice things they want in their lives that mother nature can provide. Just remember the Environment surrounding everyone is the foundation to life. As long as people look at the environment with the knowledge on population control, air control, deforestation, and extinction they will become successful smiling healthy people.

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