Human Nature

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As humans there are both similarities and differences among the different people and cultures in the world. Several aspects of human experience that are common to all people are kinship, security, and have their own highly regarded ideas and dreams. These are universal because common human nature is rooted in all humans that have been observed by anthropologists throughout the centuries. Several major kinds of differences between people are the argument between modernization and traditionalism; the division of power between classes, government, and the people; and bonds within the family unit; the perception of a woman’s role. I believe the differences to be more important than the similarities. People desire to have connections with those in their environment, for the bonds of kinship are the strongest of all relationships. Kinship, as defined by Dr. Crandall, is “about a sense of belonging and being part of something, about human feelings that we all experience but can never properly describe” (Crandall 53). Kinship often occurs with in a family unit, but may also occur outside of the family. It unites people and can result in advantageous or damaging bonds. In the commentary Slasher Attack, a man feels kinship with a woman but the feeling of love is not mutual. Duncan, the man who had the strong feeling of attachment, “had told people that he planned to kidnap Judith so that she would have to marry him” (Rosellini). Although all humans desire some type of kinship, sometimes the bond stimulates damaging effects. These bonds can stimulate hope. In the novel “Commandant of Auschwitz”, Rudolf Hoess comments on the torment the imprisoned Jews experienced. He wrote that “a kind glance or a pleasant word will often work wonders... ... middle of paper ... ...-1834954339084407820# Williams, S. (producer). (2008). Young and Restless in China. Podcast retrieved from Woodhead, L. (director). (2009). Beatles Rock the Kremlin. Podcast retrieved from Diamond, J. (May, 1987). The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race. Discover. Retrieved from Free, C. (August 30, 2007). Trapped on the Tracks. Reader’s Digest. Retrieved from Rosellini, L. (August 30, 2008). Slasher Attack. Reader’s Digest. Retrieved from

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