Human Mass: Timeline Analysis

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Humans considered by some the most confusing race of the universe and by many a dangerous one. By an odd twist of fate the star that created their system appeared earlier in the history of the galaxy then it should have and humans appeared faster. The changes this will affect the galaxy and change the fate of the entire region of the universe.

2025 AD

Humanity’s interest in space is rekindled and they start sending new exploration missions to the moon.

2069 AD

The first human permanent settlement is established on the Luna (Sol III-B), the event is planned to coincide with the first moon landing.

2075 AD

Cryogenic hibernation is developed and perfected to help the exploration of the solar system reducing the amount of resources a long term mission would require.

2090 AD

Computing power allows the creation of artificial intelligence. The programming necessary to properly create one unit make the process expensive and greatly limits the use to several scientific AI. Upload of conscience considered but not followed after the protest of Human Rights organizations.

2103 AD

The first permanent outpost formally formed on Mars (Sol IV).

2416 AD

Human prospectors looking for minerals for asteroid mining discover a new element in the asteroid belt. Scientists rush to investigate the new element and name it element zero.

2522 AD

Members of the revived club “Pluto is a Planet” try to establish a base there and discover that Pluto’s satellite is a station of alien construction quickly classified Sol IX-B.

2525 AD

Scientists determine the device is a FTL catapult; unmanned ships are built and sent forward to explore looking for more habitable planets to colonize.

2588 AD

All unmanned ships return and 4 inhabit...

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...cking pieces to build them are start to be built.

1200 AH

Colony ships are being designed and built for future projects and the stations are finished refitting, plans to move the biggest and heavily armed station to another system giving Sol another layer of defense in the planned SuperGate ( Super Stargate) network .

2140 AH

Unmanned hyperspace capable probes are build and sent to scout nearby systems.

2142 AH

A decision is taken to replace any FTL catapult found with supergates. Protocol is establshed to activate any innactive catapult and scout the other side replacing them with supergates.

2150 AH

Several colonies are established including Eden Prime, Terra Nova and Shanxi are amoung them. Shanxi is established by a private company trying to make some fast money.

2157 AH

Remote controlled ships are sent to open the so called 314 FTL catapult.

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