Human Geography Questions

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1A. The map shown on the picture includes three different religions which are named Religious X, Y, and Z. One of the three religious showed are named "Religious group X" which are the Latter Day Saints, located in the West. Then the second religion is "Religious group Y" which are the lutherans. This religion's community is located up North. The last religion is "Religious group Z". They are located the south and they are called the Southern Baptists. 1B. The one religion that will be talked about is "Religious group Z" which are the Southern Baptists. The Baptists arrived in the southern part of the United States around the end of the 17th century. Where they made the first church in Charleston, South Carolina. The church that was made in South Carolina was discussed and organized in Maine. Once the inventor completed the organization he then traveled to South Carolina to construct the church. Another reason the southern baptists are mainly in the south is because of the rapid growth of the believers and churches that were built all in the south. 1C. The reason this picture of a...

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