Human Genetic Engineering is a Recipe for Social Discrimination

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Genetic engineering will lead to an unfair social caste system placed upon the nation. In the long run, there will be more negative effects of genetically modifying humans. The nation will end up dividing or further widening the gap between social classes by distinct groups who are genetically engineered and those who are not. Edwin Etieyibo, a philosophy professor argues that, "[I]t's [genetic enhancement technology] use would lead to unjust outcomes, i.e. create a genetic caste system, and with it the exacerbation ad perpetuation of existing socio-economic inequalities. This is, on the surface, a very serious injustice" (Etieyibo). In Brave New World, society is divided into social castes, Alphas being the best and Epsilons on the polar end. Using the technology for genetically altering humans is extremely unfair and not everyone has the chance to using this technology. Some are "stuck" with breeding kids naturally and hope for the best like in the Savage Reservation (Huxley 32). In other words, instead of helping the human species, there is a substantial amount of harm being done to the human species. People are undermining the quality of life with something that is destroying the society little by little. Russell Powell a professor at Oxford claims that genetic engineering will have no significant impact on diversity however it will solidify the chances to harm the genetic diversity and longevity of the human species. Human genetic engineering does have a big impact on the human species. I highly believe that there is no negligible impact on inherited variety like Powell believes to be because there is in fact decreasing the genetic variety within the population on Earth. In the book, human engineering is clearly obvious from...

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