Human Evolutions And Ancestors: The Human Origins And Evolution

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Ancestors. The Human Origins and Evolution. Prehistory in a logical and natural way, would begin with the appearance of the “Homo” and follows its evolution over millions of years until the creation of the state which is defined as an instrument of social organization. To understand the emergence and evolution of the human throughout prehistory, we should take a closer look at our ancestors, or better said to the presumed ancestors, while the reconstruction of their early emergence and evolution is full of mysteries and has still many unknown elements that are waiting to be discovered. Currently, the most well reasoned theory of evolution of modern humans - Homo Sapiens Sapiens – follows the hypothesis model of the recent single origin hypothesis…show more content…
They were called Cro-Magnon, the first people who had a modern skeleton that could be compared to ours. (Fagan, 2010) A recent discovery in the world of science also shows that Cro-Magnon where not only anatomically being described as modern humans, but also from a genetic perspective as well, at least that’s what the fossils that were found in the south of Italy. Genetic study was, however, a technical challenge, because Homo sapiens coexisted for a long time with the Neanderthals that also lived in Europe. According to scientists, the biggest problem was to obtain reliable genetic sequences, even if it is known that the DNA possessed by the Neanderthal was quite different from the modern human genome. To avoid this confusion, scientists chose to research all types of genetic sequences and DNA samples taken both from fossilized bones, as well as from all persons who had contact with them. Study results demonstrated for the first time that the anatomical differences of the Cro-Magnon and of the Neanderthals are associated with very clear genetic differences between the two

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