Human Doctor Advantages And Disadvantages

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If in the future patients we able to choose between seeing a human doctor or seeing an AI robot, there would be pros and cons for each. An advantage for meeting with a human doctor would be the fact that doctors and patients can share a feeling of empathy. When meeting with a human doctor, you get more of an emotional experience than if you were to speak with an AI. When you’re talking about your symptoms or dealing with emotional distress about your health, human doctors could be better at easing their patient’s worries than AIs. They can relate to their patient’s problems in a human way. The doctor could have gone through a similar situation, or they simply interact with people every day who have similar issues. A human doctor’s emotions…show more content…
In the Computerworld article, Mearian describes how an AI could process a patient’s information, simulate countless medical plans that are up to date with current treatments, and make a decision within seconds (2013). It would take a human doctor a lot more time and effort to come up with a plan for their patient since they do not have the mental capability to do what an AI could do. However, a disadvantage to having an AI as your doctor would be that as a whole, technology is unreliable. It would be very possible that an AI could misinterpret a patient’s symptoms or information and diagnose or treat them incorrectly because of it. The technology in the robot could also malfunction. For example, in the Fortune article, an AI was responsible for meeting with a patient and determining if their symptoms warranted a trip to an actual human doctor (Morris, 2015). If the technology were to malfunction, the A could potentially send their patient to a doctor when there wasn’t a need for it, or it could misdiagnose their patient a send them home when they in fact needed to seek…show more content…
One way that robot police with an AI brain would be beneficial would be that it would greatly increase the productivity of our police. For example, by using these robots, we can keep policemen more safe. As described in Joseph Weiss’s article, police officers can send AI robots in to dangerous or unpredictable situations so that they can use their tools to evaluate any given situation (2007). They could be sent in for drug raids, a situation with suspects who have dangerous weapons, or to clear a building. In the Free Thought Project’s article, it describes the AI’s potential to benefit police. The robot they were discussing, Knightscope K5, did not have any weapons, but it did have a 360-degree video, audio, facial recognition, and could map its surroundings using 3D radar and lasers (2015). The use of these machines in the police force would increase safety of officers as well as utilize technology to have a greater ability to thwart crime. By saving officers lives and using technology more efficiently, human officers can spend more time and energy in different areas of law

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