Human Dignity and Universal Health Care

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Human dignity in relation to healthcare is in this day a widely debated issue. With increasing focus on fair and just treatment for all human beings alike one finds that there is a great deal of attention paid to healthcare, one of the most basic requirements for humans (Buijsen, 2010). The case study,Human Dignity and Universal Health Care, looks into the debate underlying public healthcare in Australia and the terms of having citizens access healthcare. Human dignity is critical to the arguments underpinning this case study, given the different angles adopted on the subject and how relevant they are in ensuring that dignity of the person is upheld.
A look into two key perspectives sheds some light on the various arguments adopted. Perspective 1is by proponents of provision of universal healthcare, who argue that social structures have to be such that they accommodate the basic healthcare needs of all. However, from perspective 3,there is an argument that curtailing the autonomy of the patient when it comes to accessing healthcare is a gross violation of human dignity. This essay examines the fundamentals underpinning these two differing perspectives and the multidimensionality of human dignity.
Perspective 1
Universal access to healthcare, according to those that hold this view, is a basis for human dignity, which is only upheld when social structures are accommodative of the basic healthcare needs of all individuals (Buijsen, 2010). Apparently, failing to meet these basic healthcare needs renders human beings unable to exercise their autonomy of decision making in a way that would enable them to flourish. This perspective will be analyzed in-depth by examining the concepts outlined in different authors, the inspirations and at...

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