Human Dignity Essay

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UNCC300 ? Richard Wade Diana Hendry (S00177012) Human Dignity and Capital Punishment When some people has done a serious crime and could be considered as inhuman acts by law and/or other human and they might be punished for death penalty. Capital punishment or death penalty still exist until now in some big countries such as, Unites States, Singapore, China and Indonesia (Dieter, 1997). Capital punishment is used by some countries in order to disciplines the criminals. However, in some other opinion capital punishment seems to be dehumanizing because they believe that every single persons had their own value and worth. The relationship between Australia and Indonesia was in a dark moment according Prime Minister Tony Abbot because of the…show more content…
2a quadrant is about where human believe they have a dignity when they trust towards their own worth. This quadrant is about human dignity can be acquire or lose through a self-worth. In some understanding they believe that human dignity something that similar to the sense of pride of somebody or aware about others worth as a human being that live a meaningful life, and respecting others. On the other hand, some argued that being a compromised and embarrassing place is likely become a threat to their own dignity in the society. (Kirchhoffer, 2013) Human be able to gain their pride and feel to have a value but nevertheless they can also feel worthless to the society and will lose their dignity because of the facets from society. Therefore, in this perspective human dignity is about a sense of ego to value the…show more content…
In multidimensional we focus into the dignity that we all already have and the dignity that we can acquire or lose. We have many dimensions as a human such as, physical, emotional, psychological, social, interpersonal, sexual, spiritual, rational, and moral and so on. As we know that criminals that will get death penalty also inherent their own dignity. When they be given a chance to change their behavior and turn their life become a better one, it helps them to regain their own self-worth of dignity and also change how the society judge them. Multidimensional view is very important within our society as it help as to value others dignity with many point of view not only

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