Human Cosmetic Surgery and Prosthetic Device Implants

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Human Cosmetic Surgery and Prosthetic Device Implants The human body is a collection of remarkable biological mechanisms that integrates features that can not be duplicated exactly. However, many modern prosthetic devices can add years to an individual's life, improve physical comfort and function, or in the case of aesthetic implants, improve emotional health. There are many types of implants that server a variety of functions that offer risks and benefits. Implants can server many purposes. Cosmetic surgery has variety prosthesis to select from, not only to change the appearance of a feature for aesthetic reasons, but also to correct disfiguring from trauma or disease. Numerous implants are available to enhance physical appearance through cosmetic surgery. Breast implants is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures, and is considered extremely useful for reconstruction for breast cancer victims. Aesthetic surgery can improve ones sexual relations due to increase self-confidence. However, cosmetic surgery has also altered the function of genitalia. Implants may also improve sexual function. Although many drugs are available to treat male impotency, surgical penile implantation is an option. An inflatable implant allows the patient to "pump up" the penis before intercourse. Implant devices have also been used in Urology, although with today's medical advancement, transplantation is now an option. Implants are used for numerous medicinal purposes form pregnancy prevention, vision, hearing, voice or neurological purposes (Babbush, 112-118). Some other common implantation procedures are prosthetic cardiac valves, hip and knee implants, and dental implants. Heart valve prosthesis replaces diseased heart valv... ... middle of paper ... (20 Oct. 2000). Harris, Paula. "The Dental Hygientist's Role In Implant Maintence." 1999 (22 Oct. 2000). Tong, Daryl, Bruce Rothwell. "Antibiotic Prophylaxis In Dentistry: A Review And Practice Recommendation." Journal of the American Dental Associations Vol. 131: 366-373. Slavin, Harold. "Biomimicry Dental Implants and Clinical Trials." 1998. Summerscale, Ian., et al. "Prosthetic Heart Valves." 1998. (21 Oct. 2000). WebMDHealth. "Heart Valve Surgery." (20 Oct. 2000). WebMDHealth. "Questions and Answers about Hip Replacement". (22, Oct. 2000).

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