Human Condition

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Why are humans so unique from every other living organism on earth? What is it that separates us from other animals? Is it our intelligence? Does our intelligence enable all the different emotions, the theories of life and death, the religions we believe in, and the curiosity to discover? Maybe it is our intelligence or it could be something more. We have labeled this question as the ‘Human Condition.’ This condition is inherent and is passed along to all human beings. The sense of fear and tragedy is part of the human condition. Fear itself can cause several other emotions to occur once it is triggered in a human being. Some may combat the fear and others may flee in terror. Fear probably does exist in animals, but only to an extent. If a predator is stealthily creeping towards a rabbit, the rabbit would flee instantly if it heard a twig snap or the predator growled. Humans are unpredictable, especially when handling tragedy. Looking at Sergei Eisenstein’s The Battleship Potemkin, you could see the horrors of human tragedy. With his early use of a montage, you see horrible sequenc...
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