Human Cloning Should Not Be An Option

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While the ethics and legality of human cloning are blurry, I think human cloning would be detrimental to the human race. First of all, a lot of unwanted clones can end up happening because the process of cloning seems to be very limited success from what we know now. Screwing up from trying to obtain the nearest perfect clone should not be an option. It would be unfortunate for the women to go through the whole process and have to get rid of it, just because it did not turn out correct. Where will all the mess ups or unsuccessful clones remain at? All of this will cause the world to be overly populated, just in case they do not discard a human clone afterwards. It does not make any sense to me to clone a human if they exist or existed already. Many mistakes need to happen in order to get cloned the right way like: malformation, stillborn, or dying immediately after birth. The thought of performing the procedure over and over multiple times does not help the human mind and the society we are in. Just imagine if you get cloned and on your mind and thoughts you have high expectations of your clone, but do not receive what you hoped. This will create a lot of injustice than what we already have going on now. Cloning will just mean to add more misunderstanding of the real purpose. Like everything else in this world we will use the cloning method to commit copious misconduct, for example, creating an attack army, increased malpractice, or insufficient research, along with additional disadvantages. A clone may do things in your name and nobody would ever suspect it. This means that the identity of the human race is threatened. An unfavorable reason will be the developmental of new diseases. By bringing in an entirely new group of...

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...he cause, there may be parents who wished they can bring that child back to have a second chance. It shows the eagerness of the parents to try and have the same kid even though it will only be physically identical. This being the matter, couples will have that option and perhaps fill in the void.
In conclusion, it is clear that human cloning has enormous potential benefits or negative consequences to the human race. It also demands funding for further development and error methods. Cloning humans not only threatens society, but also the value and uniqueness of every individual. Maybe they will have a check box where it asks if you are a clone or an original. We do not need any more discrimination than what we have going on now. How I mentioned in the beginning, human cloning will be detrimental to the human race. This is clearly going against the course of nature.
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