Human Cloning

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Opponents of cloning believe that the procedure of cloning has not been proven safe at all, while those who support cloning believe the cloning of humans could be used to solve human diseases and infertility. However, both sides may agree that human cloning may help in our new era. Human cloning has been successful and has had failure at times as well.
The proponents of human cloning could be broken down into two arguments. The first argument being the way cloning can help by using certain technology to make sure the infertility rate goes down by helping to produce a genetic offspring. The last argument being that cloning could be an important process to help battle with genetic diseases. Although some of these arguments may fail, if they were to succeed in any way though, there would be a great deal of reasoning to move forward with the argument (Melo 253).
The opponents of human cloning could also be broken down into two arguments as well. The first argument being there could be psychological harms done to the clone. The last and final argument is there could be much harm to society. Many argue that one could lose individuality and uniqueness to a person if one were to clone them. Cloning could harm society by one might lose the establishment of a family or even have no respect for the human body (Melo 248).
The first argument that was given was solving infertility. One who supports cloning would take side by arguing that this could benefit infertile couples. One who suffers from genetic diseases, could have a child genetically related to them. Cloning becomes more as an obvious solution as the rate of infertility begins to rise. In maintaining that human cloning should be accepted because it could solve many problems of inf...

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...through the clone (Melo 254).
In finding a common ground between the two they both come down to a point of which in every argument, there is always a failure to come in the world of cloning. Taking granted these assumptions that has been offered proponent and opponent. The arguments cause many problems to people who support technology, neglect the concept in which cloning humans might be implemented. (Melo 263).
When proponents dealing with helping infertility rates going down and helping battle genetic diseases are discussed, the opposing side also argues that cloning human beings could cause psychological harm to the clone, and harms to our society as well. But in the end the arguments tend to cancel each other out, leading to many failures.

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