Human Blood Types and the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito's Reproductive Success

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This paper proposes to investigate the close relationship between human blood and the reproductive success of the mosquito Aedes Aegypti. We want to explore whether a particular type of human blood has a positive correlation with mosquito fertility and survival. Before we begin the experiment, it is important to know some vital background information about this insect.

The A.Aegypti mosquito is a fascinating insect that has created vast interest among entomologists around the world to investigate its complex physiology that affects human lives detrimentally. It is well known that A.Aegypti is a vector for blood-borne pathogens, with dengue fever and Yellow fever being the most common. (Gizmag)The Dengue Virus is responsible for the creation of the Dengue Fever, which is a tropical disease that causes fever, headache, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash that is similar to measles. (Dengue Fever Wikipedia) On the other hand, the Yellow Fever virus contracts Yellow fever, which is an acute viral disease. It causes fever, chills, loss of appetite, nausea, muscle pains, and headaches. Also, it causes 200,000 infections and 30,000 deaths per year. (Yellow Fever Wikipedia)

To better understand the A.Aegypti mosquito, it is important to know the basic details of its physical characteristics. They are known to be approximately 4-7 millimeters. Females are generally larger than males and can be distinguished from males by small palps tipped with silver or white scales. Also, male mouthparts are modified for nectar feeding, while female mouthparts are modified for blood feeding. It is identified to be a holometabolous insect, meaning that their different life stages are easily distinguishable from one other. For examp...

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