Human And Animal Cloning Essay

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Amanda Olson
Mrs. Bell
English 3/4
16 May 2014
Human and Animal Cloning
Throughout time, human and animal cloning has developed into a new important technology in everyday lives without always knowing it. Cloning is the process of copying or duplicating an organism. Human and animal cloning has so many different outcomes and uncertainties. It can be used for many different purposes, depending on what someone wants to use it for. People all around the world have different views on cloning. Some are against it and some are for it. However, not everyone fully understands how cloning works. Human and animal cloning will determine our future. It can improve or maybe even destroy mankind. Cloning is very important to the world because it can lead to new developments later on in the world that have not yet been thought of.
Human and animal cloning traces back to a long time in history. There has been many changes and improvements throughout the times. For example, cloning had started with smaller, easier subjects to work with. Researchers have found that "cloning of plants (such as growing a plant from a cutting) has been a common practice of mankind for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years" ("History of Cloning"). In earlier times, many scientists used plants to practice on and perfect before moving on. After they had perfected this, than they would move on to more complicated subjects. In addition, animals became the next experiments for the science of cloning. " Even cloning of small animals has a long history dated back to the 1960s; human cloning had not been thought possible until the successful cloning of the first mammal, Dolly the Sheep, in 1997" ("History of Cloning"). Dolly the Sheep helped scientists be convinced that ...

... middle of paper ... happy to proceed without violating the deep ethical harms and institutions of the human community" (McCuen 61). The last thing scientists want to cause is harm. They want to understand cloning more intensely, so they don't hurt the human populations.
It's a good idea to ban cloning for a certain amount of time to take more precautions before continuing. There should be some rules set up to create boundaries of cloning to protect society so people don't abuse it. If rules are set up to minimize the amount of cloning, then there would be less of a worry among people. However, cloning should still be legal. Eventually, cloning can be corrected until its fully understood and it can be then be used to benefit mankind. Human and animal cloning can cure many diseases if it's finally perfected and then there won't be any more concerns or disadvantages in the future.
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