Hulu Plus vs. Netflix

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Hulu Plus and Netflix are both media streaming services, but which one is better? In the past I signed up for both of them risk-free due to the 30 day free trail. I soon learned the advantages and disadvantages of both subscriptions.
What many people suffer with deciding which one to choose is obvious – is it truly what it’s worth? Hulu and Netflix are commonly used as a much cheaper alternative to cable. Both services offer a low price of eight dollars a month, but Netflix does not have ads, so you won’t be interrupted during ever climax of your television show or movie. Netflix also has other package deals, for instance, instead of the unlimited streaming movies/episodes, you can have unlimited one-disc rentals at a time or twelve dollars for two discs at a time. If you want both unlimited disc’s and streaming its sixteen dollars, which is not much more money if you want newer movies or seasons.
Hulu Plus users enjoy that they can watch new episodes the day after they air on TV, as opposed to Netflix where seasons at a time are not uploaded until it’s over on TV, which can be a ...
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