Huckleberry Finn - Summary for chapters 1-10.

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Huckleberry Finn - Summary for chapters 1-10.

The book has just begun, but so far you have been introduced to quite

a few characters. The most important being Huckleberry Finn of course.

Huckleberry Finn now lives with the Widow, she took him in after he

and Tom Sawyer found $6,000 a piece, to civilize him. Huckleberry

prefers to be in rags though, and live outdoors. Huckleberry and

everyone else where he lives are all very superstitious, they are also

racist and have slaves so you know that it is set in a past time. Tom

and Huckleberry made a gang with a few other boys from around the

town. They were a gang of robbers and murders, although they never

really did either.

Huckleberrys' father was presumed dead, although Huckleberry knew that

he wasn't dead at all. When Huckleberry's father Pap, came back to

town and hears that Huckleberry is now rich, Huckleberry knows that

his father will be coming for him soon, so Huckleberry gives the money

to the man who was investing it all for him. Pap sure enough came for

him though, and at first he took it to the courts to get Huckleberry

back, and he did. Pap took Huckleberry out to the woods to a small

wooden cabin, and at first Tom hated it, but after he began to get

used to it, and didn't mind it so much after, he actually really liked

it because he was back outside where he liked to be. He just didn't

like to be out there with his father. One day when Pap went to town

and locked Huckleberry in the cabin as he always did when he left,

Huckleberry sawed his way out. Huckleberry stole all of the food and

water, and the gun, and he killed a wild pig and put it's blood

everywhere and he ripped out his own hair so it would appear that he

was murdered. Huckleberry jumped in the canoe that he had hidden from

his father in the trees, and started off down the river. He landed on

a little island and hid his canoe again. There were lots of people

looking for Huckleberry and he watched them as they searched from

boats. They all looked very upset, because they all assumed him


When Huckleberry was out exploring he saw Miss. Watson's slave Jim. He

had left because Miss. Watson was going to sell him. Huckleberry was

happy to have the company and so was Jim. They began to live together

and stayed together all the time.

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