Huckle Berry Finn

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Huckle Berry Finn Final Essay I do believe Huck Finn should be banned it has a usage of inappropriate grammar as well as language. Although it is a classic book that expresses the southern life back then. To allow students to force read it as an assignment is absurd because we already learned about the suffer ring African-Americans went thru back in the south. From our previous history lessons about America and the south especially. As students we know it is wrong and inappropriate to use these types of words today as referring to huck and finn. It does not use proper English and is audacious for students to read. What kind of things is school trying to teach us then improper grammar and English by not Banning this book in schools. If we have time we should read books like this but other then that it is improper to enforce us to read huck and Finn for me personally I am uncomfortable with reading it. It devalues our whole perspective I feel about life and society, and what lesson is there to set with the vulgar language used. That it can be used that in society this is what we should expect. As America has come along way from racism we still have a way to go. There are still racist’s people out there who still judge you about the color of your skin. But it all starts now with the students as we are the future we are very influential. As well as tend able to pick up on language and as students we cannot be shielded from the world but we can accept the wrongs and try not to make the same hypocritical decisions the ones before us made. Either way whether we read these band books or not are perception of the world and when we start our life’s shifts a little and sheltering us from these types of books leaves us naive to what awaits us... ... middle of paper ... ...the context of form. Even though it expresses the irony of punishment back then. There is no doubt it was written to be offending it was written to give insight on the problems people faced growing up back in the south back then. Although the context is irreverent and shaky i do believe student can and will take this out of context reading such a book like this. In conclusion Huck and finn as much as it is a thrilling and suspenseful book. For are students to read it as an assignment is outrageous. And shouldn't be allowed to be read in English class or in school. As its sentence structure is incorrect. along with word usage it is ludicrous and some students not all would rather read a book with a suspense and correct context then a incorrect context with suspense. That will make some students loathe books like this even more in my opinion on this subject.
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