Huck Finn Conclusion

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The book Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is written by Mark Twain it was first published in December 1884. The story is about the adventures of the main protagonist Huckleberry Finn and his adventures in the state of Mississippi with the slave Jim, who like Huckleberry runs away and they journey down the river of Mississippi on a raft together. They meet all kind of people on their journey and many adventures happen.
The story takes place before the Civil War in America I would guess somewhere from 1840-1860. It takes place in the state of Mississippi. In the beginning in St. Petersburg and later the main place is the Mississippi River where most of the story happens. The society in the story is realistic for that time in history especially in religous- and racial views (or so I believe).
Huckleberry Finn the main protagonist is a boy who is homeless, has no mother and his dad is a drunkard. He is adopted by the widow Miss Douglas and her sister Miss Watson, they are religous persons and wants to educate Huck. Huck does not like school in the beginning but later he starts to like going to school and learns to read and write. Huck does not understand religion and why Miss Douglas makes him pray seeing it never works and when she tells him about heaven and hell he decides he would rather go to hell as he likes it more and that shocks Miss Watson so he decides keep that too himself. He is a very self reliant character and he seems to have a trust issue which could relate to his abusive father, who has beaten him up. Huck has made big ammounts of money from his previous adventure in the book The adventures of Tom Sawyer which is a reason for his abusive father to return to try to collect his money to fund his alchoholism. This mak...

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...o the written language, seeing the accent in Mississippi makes the grammar sometimes wrong. So sometimes it can make it harder to understand what the persons are saying. The story is sometimes humorous, some might say it is sad because how hard Huck had it in his childhood, loosing his mother and having an abusing father and the story of the slave Jim. You can also look at the story being optimistic, Jim becoming a free man, Huck becoming satisfied with his own story and moving to a better place.
Overall I liked the book, I think it captures the essence of the people and environment in Mississippi in those times. I found the main protagonist Huckleberry Finn a very likeable person and a believable character. The only thing I did not like about this story was sometimes the characters were hard to understand because the book was written like they talked to each other.
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