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Chapter 1 The book starts off telling us that you may know Huck from another book called the adventures of Tom Sawyer. Which was also written by Mark Twain. In the first chapter, we figured out the Tom and Huck found a stash of gold that some robbers stole and hid in a cave. They both got $6,000 a piece. After they both got their shares of the money they had Judge Thatcher put it into a trust, in the bank. Once Huck was known for finding the treasure Widow Douglass adopted Huck. Widow Douglass also tried to civilize Huck, but Huck didn't want to be with Douglass so he ran away. Huck took all of his belongings with him, but nothing that Douglass gave him. After Huck ran away he went to join up with Tom Sawyer and his new gang of robbers. The Widow tried to teach Huck about reading and writing before he ran away. But thats the reason why he left because he wasn't interested in any of that stuff. Huck left the Widow’s house when he heard something outside the house, it was Tom waiting for him in the yard. So Huck got up and left. Chapter 2 Chapter 2 starts off with Huck and Tom sneaking through the Widow’s garden. Huck trips in the garden and Jim, one of Miss Watson;s slaves hears him from inside the house. After they know that Jim Heard them, they crouch down in the garden trying not to get caught. All the sudden Huck gets itchiness feelings all over his body so its hard for him to stay still. Jim comes out of the house and yells i'm not leaving until I figure out what that noise is in the garden. A few minutes after that Jim the slave falls asleep. Tom tells Huck that they should tie him up, but Huck said no. So instead the play a prank on him and take his hat and put it on a branch right above him. After Jim wakes up, he starts ... ... middle of paper ... ...heir raft when they finally notice it. After they get onto their raft, Huck decided to sink the robbers boat to get rid of the evidence, so that’s what they do. Chapter 14 When Huck and Jim sink the boat they start to gather some valuables on the robbers boat. They noticed that everything that are taking is just almost everyday materials such as clothes, cigars, and a bunch of books. Huck and Jim bring their raft to the shore and stop and sleep in the woods for the night. When they were just sitting their Huck opened up one of the books and started to read it. As he was reading it, he thought of Widow Douglass and how she would be proud of Huck for reading. While reading the book, Huck also realizes a name in the book the name is Dauphin, and was told that he is out in America wandering around. But Jim just sits back and doesn’t believe what Huck is saying at all.

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