Hubris And The Ancient Games

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The prompt that I have selected is the idea of hubris and the ancient games and comparing it to the modern world to see its similarities and differences. The text we will be looking at is Herodotus and we will also look at the sculpture The Diskobolos created by Myron. Off of these two we will discuss the idea of hubris and the Olympic games from Ancient Greece and compare it to the regular world. I wanted the ancient Greek games to our modern Olympic games which has changed from an event about honor to a commercialized event filled with cheating athletes. We will also talk about hubris in which we will compare the mighty Xerxes to our modern time Carolina Panthers. Something that is unchanged from ancient Greek times until modern times is the idea of hubris and the story of the underdogs.
In Ancient Greece they formed the Greek Olympics in the year 776 B.C in which participants participate to honor the gods and demonstrate their physical abilities. What was amazing was that those who participated were only participating in honor and not prizes. Something that they would win was the olive wreath which was basically winning the honor and recognition of the people and the gods. Comparing to the ancient time and now is that there are now commercialized, endorsements, and sponsorships for athletes to represent companies in the Olympics. However, the Olympics still hold true to the idea that it is still a place for participants compete with the best in the world for the honor (gold,silver, and bronze medal). Also, if we look at the sculpture of the Diskobolos made by Myron of Eleutherae it represented the general athlete in motion and would symbolize the ancient times athlete. But something that is different about now and the Greek ...

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...iring and “the Broncos led from start to finish” (Denver Dominates Super bowl) against the Panthers who fell to hubris. Ultimately, hubris brought down the unstoppable offense of the Panthers when they met their match, the amazing shutdown and immense pressure defense of the Broncos.
In conclusion, hubris leads to the ultimate downfall of great powers and people. Also, comparing modern times to ancient Greek times, with topics light the Olympics and times where you could see hubris you can see many similarities and differences. The Olympics now are different from it is a commercialized stage, but still it is a place where people demonstrate their physical abilities for the honor. Finally, hubris and the underdog mentality are so impactful in our lives I think it should remind us to be humble and respect everyone we encounter or it might come to bite us in the rear.
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