Hsbc Bank Case Study

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Article 1 - Can you bank on HSBC shares? (X2)

In the world of banking, HSBC can actually be considered one of the new boys. The bank began operations back in 1991, with the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation launching the entity as a holding company. The bank has grown since its earliest beginnings and today it has greater than 6,500 offices around the world, in 80 different countries. Their assets even reached $2.67 trillion, which solidified them as the largest bank in the world and the sixth largest PLC in the world today. Stature and size are important, but if you’re an investor, can you bank on HSBC shares when it counts the most?

Coming out of nowhere

After being out of the spotlight for many years, British banking shares
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HSBC’s total assets were $2.963 trillion in 2015. The bank has 7,200 offices globally and caters to 89 million customers. Those contemplating investing in HSBC shares may want to find out that Forbes magazine rated HSBC the world’s most valuable bank by assets alone. Within HSBC, there are four business groups; these are Commercial Banking, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Global Banking and Markets, and Global Private Banking. With that in mind, it is safe to say that HSBC has its fingers in many…show more content…
The HSBC Private Clients Services Group was started in 2002, which gave independent services to customers who had a high net worth. It was also in this time that HSBC expanded further in the US, which led to the formation of HSBC Finance, and would eventually become the second largest sub-prime lender in America. The 2000s saw the company increase across the globe, acquiring large-scale assets such as Marks & Spencer Retail Financial Service Holding Ltd in 2004. It held firm throughout the recession of 2007-10, performing better than other major banks, which, in the today’s market conditions could bode well for the company and HSBC
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