Hrm 530 Strategic Human Resource Management

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Velina Jackson
HRM 530 Strategic Human Resource Management
Assignment 4: HR Training Class
Strayer University
Professor Brenda Harper
August 27, 2016

HR Training Class
Increased competition has set the bar so high as far as service and product quality is concerned; this has therefore made it mandatory for organizations and business to train their employees to keep up with the current technologies, methods of production and service production (Muller, 2009). Businesses performance today significantly depend on how well the product or service is; this can only be achieved when a business or organization has well trained, motivated and satisfied (Muller, 2009).
Customers play an important role in the success of business as they create the market for the services and products provided. Due to this, it’s a priority to keep the customers happy because this increases the businesses’ market share within a given locality (Muller, 2009). Due to this, a business should have an efficient and functional customer care department to serve the customers’ needs in real time. Before conducting a customer service training program for the employees, it’s important to carry out a needs assessment. The assessment commences with identifying the “need.” This identifies the gap between what is currently being done and what is needed to achieve the standards set by the business. On the other hand, it discloses and addresses the questions on what the organization expects to happen and what happens, current and desired job performance and finally the skill set deficiency experienced by the organization (Muller, 2009).
Based upon HR-Guide, an important feature of customer service having a needs assessment. This is to get positive or negative feedbac...

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...reat way to step back and make sure you have all of the information before employees dive into their next learning project, once information is gathered and tabulated the trainers can tabulate everything to have clear picture of what steps to take after the assessment is reviewed, changed, and implemented.

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