Hr, Management, And Management

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The HRM function is meant to align employee behavior and overall, choose how a firm will compete to achieve predetermined missions and goals. Both HR and management of any organization must agree and fully understand immediate and long term goals to make them possible. For example, ASI’s HR and management team work together and thoughtfully organize, use all resources, and strive to have able staff to follow through with all strategies. HR plays a crucial role in creating this organizational strategy, as well as working with management to best accomplish it. HR serves many purposes and these functions, along with how it works with management, to make the greatest impacts it can on the company as a whole. How effectively management and the HRM function support each other to achieve organizational goals A solid relationship between HR and management is imperative to business success. As can be imagined, both divisions of a company can have different core values or strategy’s to achieve what they think is best for the company, and this makes for inefficiency within the firm. The gap between a company’s ambition and performance arises from disconnect between strategy formulation and strategy execution (Kaplan & Norton, 2005). Some companies, such as ASI, have achieved long lasting improvements to this problematic behavior by re-aligning and managing to sustain focus between both management and HR. More specifically, no strategy can be effective unless, in this case, both HR and management are following the same strategy and wanting to reach the same goals. Also, no strategy can be effective until both HR and management know their roles, and those who need to carry out the necessary corresponding functions are motivated to do so. HR... ... middle of paper ... ...w a part (or is becoming a part) of how companies operate, and HR is the key in most companies to bringing them into the next generation with initiatives such as this to stay competitive. Now, HR has many other activities mentioned throughout, but HR worries about the company as a whole and sticking around (Lawler & Mohrman, 2014). Conclusion HR is without a doubt imperative to any company, as it has its hands in many areas that are crucial to the survival of a company. HR and management are both significant to the success and bottom line of a company, and must work together to not have in-fighting and to have a work-place and company worth working for. Both must agree on an operational strategy where each can be involved and each can have their share of ideas and use of expertise to make the best company possible given the several teams and aspects within a firm.
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