Hpv Vaccine Pros And Cons

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While everyone has their own rights to their bodies and the bodies of their children, that does not mean that what they think is best for themselves or their children is best for the rest of the population they come into contact with. The majority of people associate vaccinations to babies and children under a certain age, but young adults and elders fall into the category of needing vaccinations. There is currently no federal law requiring adults or children to be vaccinated. Many positives come out of vaccinations to not only the individual, but also to the people they come in contact with. Currently there is an ongoing debate on whether or not vaccinations are safe and if they cause certain disorders in children. The risk of not getting…show more content…
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2016, May 2) states that, “vaccines work with the body 's natural defenses to safely develop immunity to disease and lower your chances of getting certain diseases and suffering from their complications.” Individuals who choose to get themselves and their household vaccinated are at a lower risk of catching diseases in which there is a vaccine for. Certain vaccines can also help prevent other diseases, for example: the hepatitis B vaccination can help lower the chances of liver cancer, HPV vaccine lowers the chances of getting cervical cancer, and the flu vaccine lowers the risk of influenza-related heart attacks and other diseases related to the flu (CDC, 2016, May 2). There are certain vaccines that adults should get as well. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2016, August 4) recommends that all adults should get a flu shot each year. They also recommend that adults ages nineteen to twenty-six should get the HVP vaccine, and adults sixty and older should get the pneumococcal vaccines and the zoster vaccines (CDC, 2016, August 4). As people get older their immune system depreciate. This requires extra help from vaccinations to prevent certain disease from taking over the

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