Howard Hughes

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Howard Hughes

Howard Robard Hughes was a very inventive, attention getting man. He was an out-spoken entrepreneur who was best known for his hard work and dedication in motion pictures and the aviation industry. His inherited fortune gave him the opportunity to start building on his dreams at an early age. Although Howard remained in the news his entire life he was not always looked on favorably in the public’s eye. In later years his paranoia left him a recluse and in twenty years he had not been seen or photographed by the public.

Howard was born on Christmas Eve 1904, in Houston, Texas. He was the only child of Howard Robard Hughes Senior and Alene Gano Hughes. His mother died when he was sixteen and his father died when he was 18. Howard’s childhood wasn’t the greatest but in the end it turned out all right. He was orphaned and inherited $2,000,000 and Hughes Tool Company. His uncle was Hollywood writer Rupert Hughes. Howard took his first airplane ride when he was fourteen years old.

Howard Hughes attended private elementary and high school in California and Massachusetts. He attended the Rice Institute in Houston, Texas. He also attended the California Institute of Technology. Howard had a fine education because he attended highly educational schools.

His father’s great fortune left Howard very wealthy. After his father’s death he was left an estate worth $871,000, and a patent for a drill. The drill was for oil drilling

which made much money. In 19...
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