Howard Gardner's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

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People learn new things every day. My grandmother would say “I just received a new wrinkle in my brain!” Maybe, this is not true, but it is true that we learn new things even as we grow older. There are many techniques to learning a new skill. “Howard Gardner 's theory of Multiple Intelligences utilizes aspects of cognitive and developmental psychology, anthropology, and sociology to explain the human intellect” (Zhou 77). Gardner introduced nine different intelligences. Gardner believed that humans possess each of the nine intelligences, even though some are stronger or weaker than others. He also believed that each person had their own individual intelligence profile. We took a multiple intelligence test to see our own strengths and weaknesses…show more content…
This means that language partakes a very important role in the way I learn. I received a score of 4.14 out of 5. The test said that I “enjoy saying, hearing, and seeing words. You like telling stories. You are motivated by books, records, dramas, opportunities for writing” ( ). I know that this is very true. Ever since I was younger, reading and writing was very important to me, now I use my writing skills to help me study for tests by rewriting notes or even reading things aloud. If I were to teach a student who also scores higher in verbal/ linguistic skills, I would provide the material verbally or give them something to read over. After, I would ask questions aloud and receive and provide feedback on their answers. If I were to implement a student centered unit using the verbal/linguistic intelligence, I would provide journals, graphs, or more reading…show more content…
Zhou states that interpersonal intelligence “is the ability to interpret and respond to the moods, emotions, motivations, and actions of others. Interpersonal intelligence also requires good communication and interaction skills, and the ability show empathy towards the feelings of other individuals” (Zhou 80.) Even though I enjoy spending time alone, I also thrive in a social setting. Parties with friends, or meetings with peers provide me with the opportunity to show my leadership and organization skills. Anytime I am put into a group situation I usually end up in a leadership position. If I were to teach a student who succeeds in a social setting I would, provide class discussions and provide assistance when needed. If I were to implement a student centered unit, I would provide group projects or group work, collaboration between the students, peer feedback and tutoring, or have the students present their work to the

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