Howard Gardner: The theory of multiple intelligences

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According to Howard Gardner there are nine intelligences or ways people learn. The common way schools teach is through what Gardner calls the logical-mathematical way. Although this method must be used while teaching, it only caters to the way a select few children learn. Therefore Howard Gardner has promoted the understanding and use in teaching of all ways people learning. Gardner has created eight intelligences and is currently still studying the ninth intelligence. According to Howard Gardner’s theory we need to embrace each child’s individuality in the way he/she learns. He believes that as we learn how to better meet individual children’s needs in a classroom setting, children will do better in school. Instead of putting every child in the same mold, the theory of multiple intelligences says that there are nine intelligences that everyone possesses in different degrees of strength. Each intelligence is a way people learn. This shows how every child learns differently. For example, some children may learn best by using numbers and logic, other children may learn b...
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