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Since the dawn of the first programmable computer, computers have been have been one of the most helpful inventions in the world. The Offence that is being investigated is computer hacking in both home and government environments. Hacking is a global problem which affects normal citizens, businesses and the government. Hacking can take many forms from hacking a social media account to hacking a government facility. The social construct of hacking is that all around us on the internet we are in the same network as hackers. Hackers can be a person that hacks someone's account or computer to steal files which compared to hacking the government, it is a minor offence. The term ‘hacker' class='brand-secondary'>hacker' class='brand-secondary'>hacker’ has multiple meanings and variously describes a person who explores programmable systems, who is obsessive about programming, who is able to program quickly, or is an expert in a particular program. In 1996 Eric S. Reymond referred to hackers as "expert enthusiast, one who enjoys creatively overcoming limitations, or a malicious meddler seeking confidential information" (Reymond 1996).

2.0 Methods Of Research
The information used to compile this report was obtained from a variety of both primary and secondary sources. These sources were found on a variety of places that include the internet and newspapers. Since computer hacking is not a common offence so sources were scarce and hard to come by. The Primary sources that were used were case studies and graphs and statistics. These sources provided information on different instances of computer hacking in Queensland and how frequently it happens. The Secondary Sources that were used were news articles and a survey that was conducted to get statistics and people’s views of various aspect...

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...han three quarters (77%) of all households had access to the internet via a broadband connection. This is a massive amount of computers that can be hacked. Figure 1 shows the rise of internet access and broadband access in homes across Australia.

3.4 What are the Community Issues?
The Community issues with hackings are that many people can be a hacker or can be a victim of hacking. Hacking in the community can be seen in many forms. In today’s society computers are everywhere. They are used for general work purposes, item logging or something as simple as finding a price of an item. But computers are also used for more sinister purposes. These include theft of money or theft of personal details or theft of general or government files. Hacking offence are categorised into different levels of offences. These are:
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