How to meet someone Through the Internet

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Are you tired of the bar scene? Do you not have time to go out to meet people? “You’ve got mail”. This is what you want to hear if you’re persuing the singles scene through the internet. Unconventional; maybe. Convenient; definitely. Meeting someone through the internet can be an exciting adventure, but takes alot of time and patience if done correctly. This process has three steps that need careful thought before you even place your ad, which I will guide you through. An obvious point to make is that you need a computer with internet access. First, you’ll need a screen name. Second, write a personal ad. Third, choose the singles sites to advertise on and register. Now you’re ready to place your ad. Next you will weed through responses, exchange emails, talk on the phone, verify information, confide in 1 to 2 trustworthy people about what you’re doing, and finally, meet in person. Here are some helful tips for each step. Screen name: Even if you already have one, I suggest a separate one for this sole purpose. It needs to be catchy, but gives a little insight about you. I used “Spicy34F”, and no guys, this is not my bra size. Spicy described me in a personal way and was eyecatching. I felt it also important to state age and gender right up front. Writing your personal ad: You will need a title that will entice someone to read further. You will see that many of the titles are boring and typical such as “SWF seeking long term relationship” or “Are you the one”. This was tough for me because I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship or a casual one-night stand. I needed a title to fit my desire. I came up with “**Unique Friendship**”. This described what I was seeking better than anything else and still left room for mystery. The ad itself should not be too lengthy, or the reader will get bored and go to the next. Be somewhat specific about yourself and what you’re looking for; while at the same time keep the readers curiosity at its peak by being creative in how you say it. Here are a couple of examples of my ad to give you some ideas. Looking for an exceptional male who desires a unique friendship for fun, frolic and fantasy. Are you – not looking for a serious relationship, not wanting to deal with hassles of courting and making imp... ... middle of paper ... ...ry way (not just appearance) is not very accurate. I walked away many times just shaking my head in disbelief. Next, confide in one or two people the five w’s (who, what, when, where, and why). By now you should be pretty confident this person is not an ax murderer, but smart and safe is admirable. After you’ve met, agree to go home and email each other honestly what you each thought. If there’s no attraction, then say so. Honesty is sometimes hard, but you’ll be respected in the end. Don’t feel bad, go on to the next meeting. Remember this is an adventure. I sent a thanks, but no thanks fourteen times. Two of them ended up as friendships (not unique friendships) that I still have today. We had no chemistry, but they respected my honesty, and wished to develop a friendship. If there is an attraction, by all means go for it. After all, this is the reason for placing the ad in the first place. Number fifteen must have been my number. We met for coffee and it ended up being an eight-hour date. We established the “Unique Friendship” I was looking for. It’s been three years now and we are engaged to be married. It was a memorable adventure to say the least and it can be for you too.

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