How to make a Clay village

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How To Make A Clay Village Clay is a great way to pass the time on rainy days, or on any days! It unleashes your creative side, and it's very fun! You can entertain yourself for hours, and it's inexpensive! Who knows, maybe one day you may get so talented at it, you'll have your own business, and maybe, craft show! Here's what you need: Bake able Clay (about 5 different colors) Tiny Beads (For the eyes) Toothpick Oven Wood plank Optional: Legos Popsicle Sticks Soften your clay by warming it in your hands, rolling it out with a roller and folding it over and over for 8 to 10 times then roll a ball in the middle of your hands. That will be the head. Make sure it is really soft, or it won't bake correctly. Make it about the size of a dollar coin. I suggest using Sculpy III clay. NOT THE GLOW IN THE DARK KIND! Make another ball, this time a bit smaller than the first, and make it a different color. Mold it into a triangle, and lay that aside. Try making patterns like stripes, with another color and mold it together. This part will be your shirt/pants. Do not attach it to the head yet. Take a bit of the same colored clay you used for the head, and soften it, and roll it out into a small snake. Take the toothpick, and cut it in half. Roll the first half into a small ball and lay it aside. Do this to the other half and lay it aside. Try and not make fingers. Now, carefully stick the head on the body, then add the hands (little balls we rolled out earlier) on the sides, and take out the color of clay you want to be the hair. (If any) If it is a boy, you can make a ball, flatten it with a roller, then place it on the clay figures head. And any details like spikes and curls with the toothpick. If it is a girl, you can flatten a ball, then add a snake of hair for the ponytail. Be creative. Do a Mohawk if you want! Now for the eyes. Take two beads, then stick them on the figures face. Maybe you can add eyelids if you want a sleepy expression for your figure. Add any details on the face and body you want. If you have a lot of clay, keep on repeating the steps.

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