How to help a loved one overcome depression

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Depression is a serious mental disorder that affects millions of teens and adults everyday. Depression also affects their friends and families. While trying to help a friend who is depressed,we may find ourselves becoming more anxious and depressed when sucked into their problems .In order to help a loved one who is experiencing issues with clinical depression, a mutual understanding must take place in order to help the person over their problems while still keeping their emotional equilibrium in the process. Depression is a serious condition because it can affect a person's mood,behaviour, feelings and physical being. As said on Nami , “Depression can lead to serious impairments in daily functioning.” Depression can cause a person to lose motivation for almost everything. Even getting out of bed or showering can seem as an impossible task to depressed people. Similar to other few mental disorders, it is treatable with the help and support of family and friends. For us to help our depressed loved ones, we must understand depression and the symptoms it brings, such as moodiness, ch...
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