How to Use Social Media for Small Business

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Using social web is probably the most cost effective marketing tool available that allowed businesses to manage brand reputation, advertise, served customer, broadcast, and network (Fine, 2010). The social media has become a widespread phenomenon and global trend because of the popularity of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook (Hinchcliffe & Kim, 2012). In the recent study conducted by LinkedIn, 94% of small businesses use social media as a marketing tool and 49% use it for research to grow business (Weiss, 2014). The social media maybe cheap but it is not easy to implement. Many small business owners still hesitate to implement it because of lack of knowledge. Small business owners also fear the cost of time to be invested in social media. Implementing social media in business requires operational, technological, and cultural changes. It is a long term process that should be implemented with the overall marketing plan. (Fine, 2010).

Below are the suggested four main ways how small business owners can succeed using social media:

1. Listen to customers and audience

Small business owners should create a social media strategy not solely focusing on marketing and sales. While the main objective of marketing strategy using social media is about increasing sales, it needs to start with a conversation. It is a mistake to spend the majority of small business owners’ time promoting just about the business. There is a need for small business owners to listen to the customers instead of just sending out irrelevant messages to social media. Small business owners should not use social media to blast news and updates only about their business. Listening and responding timely to customers is the best way to build a loyal following ...

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