How to Teach the Public the New Dietary Recommendations

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The dietary recommendations for the public can be brought to the public with guidance, as to not confuse the public or make the public resent the changes. If the changes were brought to the public in a way to teach them the recommendations so that they understood what they meant, then the public would be less likely to resent the changes. A good way to teach or guide the public how to cope or accommodate the changes would be to set up in a grocery store or local food market and help shoppers understand why they needed to make the dietary changes. With this method you would be able to attract a good amount of the general public, at a place that would have tools needed to teach the general public dietary recommendations and this could be done as a community service project and could be offered free of charge. The industry or the media have a major ethical responsibility in assuring the public’s health. If we are discussing the food industry they are a major source of where the public gets their food from; therefore, what they put in our food we consume and it affects our health. Ethically speaking, they should feel responsible for letting the public know what they are consuming, if there are outbreaks of disease or contamination in their products. As far as the media, they are the source where the public gets their information. The public depends on the media to uncover and report findings on public health. The media would not be as ethically responsible, seeing that some information might not get reported or might be missed; however, if it were not for the media the public would be in the dark on many situations regarding health. Thus, the media has an ethical obligation to investigate and report health findings. The impact of f... ... middle of paper ... ... diets making our food healthier, safer, and more nutritious. The pesticides and chemicals found in our foods are known for causing many illnesses we struggle with today. Also if we buy foods that are grown organically, they are usually locally grown; therefore, we can allow them to grow to their fullest potential allowing them to produce all the nutrients they are intended to have. This allows the fruits and vegetables we eat to have their full nutritional value. By eating eco-friendly poultry and beef we eliminate genetically modified animals from our diet, which also cause health concerns for individuals. When animals are raised for mass production they are feed corn and other harmful hormones to allow them to “put on more meat”. This is unhealthy for us and unhealthy for the animal, usually leaves unhealthy conditions at the sites where the animals are raised.

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