How to Teach English to the Students of Rural Background?

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The rapid growth of technology raised the importance of English language as it is the language which is spoken by the most of the people in the world. It plays a significant role in many sectors including medicine, engineering and education etc. The burgeoning demand of English turned English learning as a passion and also fashion to many Indian citizens. Many teaching methodologies are adopted by teachers to make the English language learning easy. But no methodology has gained complete success in imparting English to the students of rural background. To teach foreign language to the students has become a challenging task to the teachers of India, especially the teachers of rural background. In the present scenario, most of the teachers are giving importance only to the Task Based approach, completely neglecting grammar i.e traditional approach. Even if the teachers try to teach grammar, students show little attention on grammar. But without grammar, there is no possibility of good communication. This article shows how the students can be given Task Based Lessons without neglecting grammar and vocabulary. Key words: approaches, task based grammar lessons, learn vocabulary through pictures, activities that raise accuracy and fluency levels. How to Teach English to the Students of Rural Background? I: Introduction: Communication is a two way process which we use from birth. We use communication to establish linkages and to develop effective relationship with one another. It is an interdisciplinary method as it involves the sender, the transmitter and the receiver. There are myriad ways to communicate with others but the basic way to approach others is language. Language plays a vital role in the means ... ... middle of paper ... ...Schaum’s Outlines Series.McGraw Hill.1991.Print. Lakshmynarayana.K.R. English For Technical communication. Chennai:SCITECH Publications (India) Pvt.Ltd.2004.Print. McCarthy Michael & Felicity o’Dell. English Vocabulary in Use. United Kingdom.Cambridge University Press.1999.Print. McCarthy Michael & Felicity o’Dell. English Phrasal Verbs in Use. Cambridge University Press. 2004.print. Nageshwar Rao and Rajendra .P.Das(eds). Communication Skills. Mumbai:Himalaya Publishing House. 2005.Print. Raymond Murphy. Murphy’s English Grammar. Cambridge:Cambridge University Press.2004.Print. Richard.C.Jack. Communicative Language Teaching Today.Cambridge University Press.2006 Shovel Martin. Making Sense of Phrasal Verbs.United Kingdom:Prentice Hall International Limited.1992.Print. Susan Ratcliffe. Oxford Quotations and Proverbs. United States:Oxford University Press.2001.Print.
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