How to Stop Being Jealous in a relationship?

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As described by William Shakespeare , is a jealous green -eyed monster and one that annoys most people, especially those who are in a relationship ! Everyone stood on both sides of the fence jealousy once at least in his life . There are times people are wondering , is the field of women's jealousy ? Well, not really ! Both men and women suffer from jealousy on an equal footing . The exact origin and jealousy can be found in a motley of different emotions that are not always irrational to be honest. It is a combination of fear and insecurity of losing priceless possession or person .

Many psychologists jealousy refer directly to the lack of self-confidence in the relationship . After a while jealousy , promotes himself and begins to captivate the normal routine of the people , and turns his life into an absolute disaster . Jealousy can be sometimes and it can be normal that simply will not go away .

How to Stop Being Jealous in a relationship?
As Maya Angelou says , and jealousy in the relationship , such as salt in the food. A little can enhance the taste and too much can spoil the fun. Jealousy in a relationship is the reward of love in the early days of the relationship , but later on dealing with jealousy starts to become a big problem for both partners. People get irritated even , in some cases, and they even come to the decision to terminate the relationship .

Be positive
Jealousy often comes as a package deal with some of the painful experiences of the past that person , making him / her is hard to trust anyone . If you have gone through a horrible experience in the past concerning fraud or dishonest ex-partner , then jealousy is very clear for you . Warranted a little bit of fear and jealousy directed but again a lot of...

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...sing them with your partner , and trust him / her. Trust in his love and respect when they really insist . There is no need to be jealous if he was still in touch with his ex . Focus on the fact that it is the past and this is why he is with you. Along with trust , honesty is a virtue also very important . Good or bad , and you should be honest and true feelings to your partner. Honesty is really important to avoid the disintegration of the relationship unnecessary .

Those who are making an effort to learn how to stop being jealous actually know all the solutions to the problems of jealousy , it's just that they do not trust the authority implemented. Hidden finest answer to How do I stop being jealous in a relationship in the self- determination ! Sincere effort to evade the green-eyed demon good old is the only thing that is expected of you. Is too much to ask ?
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