How to Solve the Foreclosure Crisis

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Foreclosure has been a tragedy across America. One out of every two hundred homes will be foreclosed upon. That is approximately 3,000 people in Washington D.C. losing their homes every year. Also, every three months 250,000 new families enter into foreclosure. Things that we can do to solve this crisis are Educate Citizens, Banks need to lose the greed, and more job opportunities. For one the crisis started within the people. Citizens should take it amongst their self to obtain the knowledge that could possibly help them in these types of situations. Banks are the only ones who can stop the crisis they have to step up and hold themselves accountable. They have the power to give loan re-modifications and to lower interest rates. So, if the Banks were to focus on the needs of consumers and not on how much money they could get away with by increasing prices. Having more job opportunities will allow many people the option of being financially ready for any curve balls that may be thrown at them. This won’t resolve the solution solely but if it has a domino effect on home owners then it could make the process a little easier. Many people in America fail because they don’t understand. When people don’t understand they are vulnerable to be taken advantage of.

Citizens should take responsibility and try to learn as much about a subject before entering a field that has a big impact on how you live your life. I’m sure we have access to free books, paper articles, and web articles that allow us the opportunity to be educated. Many citizens walk into those situations blind and ignorant. I don’t doubt that many of the citizens just made a mistake. I am sure many citizens learn either through trial and error or just any other source. Tho...

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...hological, and realistic more people would feel comfortable taking out loans. If more job opportunities were available people would have the financial stability to meet the Bankers half way so both parties can be satisfied. These three factors lead up to a peaceful and stable real estate market. When every one is satisfied and less people are losing their homes the crisis will end. But being that the world is filled with greed and it is portrayed everywhere its going to be hard for one individual to step up a strive for change. One will have to face massive criticisms but once all those three factors are combined virtually the situation will be resolved. Everything is just a mutual agreement the country needs to mature as a whole. It is hard to find some one to trust with all of the negative going around. Compassion, Intellect, and Opportunity shall set us free.

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