How to Review a book

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How to Review A Book

Book reviews are designed to give readers a birds-eye view of a book, and to help the reader determine if they want to read the book. As a reviewer, you are the authority because you have read the book, and you are giving your professional opinions. For this project, your audience is not the teacher but the student body of your school. As you write your review, write it with the intention of having it published in the school paper where everyone at your school will read it.

Reading Instructions and Taking Notes

In order to facilitate your preparation for writing your review, the following suggestions are offered as you read the book:

1. Read the entire book, preface, introduction, acknowledgments, conclusions and back of the book material, i.e. appendix, bibliography, notes, etc.

2. As you read, make notes of points you would like to remember or include in your review; points that you agree or disagree with, questions you may have and quotes.

3. In order to remember where these points are located, you could use the following system or a modification of it:

Example: You find a quote you wish to include from, let’s say Chapter 4. In the margins of your notes you would indicate this as follows: 4.58.3. The 4 indicates the chapter. 58 represents the page number, and 3 tells you which paragraph to look for in Chapter 4 page 58. When you finish reading the book, you should have a few pages of such notes. When you begin writing your paper, these notes wi...
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