How to Paint a Geometric Design

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How to Paint a Geometric Design

Art has been a part of our lives since humans first roamed the earth, but each person's definition varies with personality and environment. Some prefer the realism of Da Vinci, while others enjoy the simplicity of Mondrian. The challenge is to revise these forms and integrate them together to create a beautiful work of art. With a good eye and steady hand, anyone can create a fun and interesting conversation piece for any room of the house, just by following some basic guidelines.

Before the actual process of painting can begin there are several things that must be done. First and foremost is the creation of a design. Each artist, of course, has their own preferences on how best to accomplish this. Some jot it all down on a diner napkin, while others painstakingly draw out their idea in an expensive sketch book. Whatever the materials, the elements of design must be present, and the more of these which are incorporated the better the final product will be. There are many elements of design, such as rhythm and form, but two of the most important are color and balance. Balance simply means that the shapes and lines within the image compliment each other. In other words, the design is fun to look at. Color is important because it determines the mood of the painting. Greyscale is often very dramatic, whereas warm hues can make the heart race and cool colors can ease the mind. Contrasting colors such as purple and yellow can also be fun to use since they create a conflict of emotion within the viewer.

Once a design has been decided upon and before the process can begin supplies must be obtained. The nearest M.J. Designs or Michael's will most likely have the necessay items, but Gardenridge can be a good source also. Now is the time to decide upon a canvas size as well as what type of paint will be used. The type and size of the painting are artist's prerogative, of course, but many prefer large, stretched canvases because they're easier and more fun to work with. As far as paint goes, acrylics are best for beginners, and although not exactly reasonable, they aren't as expensive as most.
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