How to Makeup in the Right Way: Skin Care and Base Makeup

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How to Makeup in right way?

Skin care and Base makeup

Present-day, many people even men de makeup themselves. But many people do makeup in wrong way. And they will have a trouble on their face. Face become red, and very roughen. How to care our face? Let me tell you how to do this.

First, we need to learn about skin-care. Most of the people don't realize importance about skin-care. Skin-care is a very basic thing. It is based on your healthy skin. And it help your makeup become perfect. Now, we need to choose the skin-care product that fit your skin.

How to choose the product that fit my skin? We need to know our skin have many types of skin: oily skin, dry skin, neutral skin, sensitive skin, and complex skin. Most of the people have the complex skin. And complex skin is most difficult skin to care. Because, complex skin has oily skin and dry skin together. Some place of face are dry, and some place of face are oily. For example: T zone(nose and forehead) is oily, and U zone(cheek and chin) is dry. So When complex skin people choose skin product, they need to choose not too oily, and not too dry to use. For dry skin, you need to use some oily product. Like facial oil, water

cream. But, don’t use just oily product. You need to get good water oil balance. And when you are at outside, you just take a mist. And when you’re feeling dry, and spray it to your skin. It’s very helpful when you’re in dry place and when you need to fix your make up. For oily skin, they need to use oil free product. But they need to use enough water product. And use lotion to lock the water. Oily skin cause by less water in skin so secrete oil to protect water. So oil skin also need to use oil free water cream. Sensitive skin is very easy to get trouble on skin. And when they change the skin product, or use some sensational product troubles are coming. So sensitive skin are not good to change product too often. And need to use organic and mild product. And middle skin is god blessed skin. This skin is not too oily, and not to dry. No trouble and enough water inside the skin. But when you loss your oil water balance by drink, smock, or use too oily product or dry product, and your skin is very easy to turn to other skin type.
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