How to Make a Movie

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We all, at one point, have grabbed a camera, gathered up our friends, and tried to make a movie. I remember doing that a lot back in second grade. I sometimes still do! Making a professional movie is very different than some small, home-made movie. Home movies are filmed in a house or in the public, while a professional movie is made in studios most of the time. Also, professional movies require lots of lighting and editing, while home movies are usually filmed without certain professional editing and lighting. Lastly, professional movies require lots of money, while home videos usually aren’t very expensive. First is the stage called pre-production, before the movie is actually made. That includes planning, budgeting, and finding people. A rough script is first made for the movie. Then, a screenplay is made. A screenplay is a step-by-step production of drawings showing details of how the movie will look and how things will happen. Once the screenplay is made, the script is broken down, tweaked, and locked for the final script. Now comes the planning of making the actual movie...
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