How to Integrate New Members in the Team

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Introduction I am writing an assessment to understand why an induction process is needed to ensure the new member works safely and efficiently as soon as they start. I will ask new members of the Organization to find their reaction and finding of the current Induction Process. Also looking at how coaching in the workplace can help new and existing employees to improve their skills and learn how to perform new skills. I’m going to develop a plan to induct new employees into a team and also to coach existing employees to improve skills The Induction process has to be effective to new employees and this process should be well known by the person ensuring this procedure is carried out. They need to know why the induction process is there, how it is carried out and what support the new employee has available from the organization. My aim will be to look at my current organization Romec Ltd and asking new employees how they found the process and if it was followed through to end. There will be Appendices with examples of my organizations procedures. How to Integrate New Members in the Team The induction process could be as simple as receiving a welcome pack explaining company rules and procedures then being shown around the workplace but depends on the Job itself as to which process would best suit. This will involve familiarization with how e-mail and communication systems work with in the business. The Benefits of a proper induction can result in establishing clear foundations and expectations between the employee and the company. A proper Induction process makes the new employee feel they have made the right choice of workplace and ensure the business has a higher retention rate of new employees. The induction process really help... ... middle of paper ... policies. This is where the Evaluation is key and should be filled out honestly so these points are picked up In HR and dealt with according so not to happen again (Appendices 2). Support from the organization is needed to ensure new employees don’t feel alone and always someone designated to them that they feel they can talk to whenever about anything. Coaching is essential as it builds confidence in employees and draws their skills out that they already had but afraid to use. Setting up a plan gives the employee a goal and motivates them to achieve it as they can see what they have to do to accomplish it. Feedback is needed to show where they are going wrong but by putting it in good points to make them feel at ease and keep the trust. It allows the employee to think about making changes themselves and not feel forced into changing something they did wrong.
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