How to Get a Real Education at College an Article Written by Scott Adams

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Entrepreneurship is a valuable skill that every person should acquire and use in their lifetime, especially college students. After all, they do control the future direction of this country. The traits entrepreneurship develops within a person are irreplaceable. It’s rare for someone to say that they regret the time wasted learning how to become a successful entrepreneur, but the opposite can be said about the pointless required classes every college student must take in the beginning of their college education. For the average student, which form of knowledge will be more beneficial throughout his life: the knowledge he forgot about his required music history class, or how he learned to manage or repair a broken business?
“How to Get a Real Education at College” is an article written by Scott Adams pertaining to this subject. It was published in the Wall Street Journal on April 9, 2011. In the article, Adams describes his four years of college and the crucial effect they remain having in his life today. Instead of listing off four years of beer-pong champion strategies or fast magic tricks that cure your morning hangover (a typical college student description), he recalls his undergraduate years as a vital time when he learned essential steps on how to become a successful entrepreneur. None of his lasting accomplishments came from a class room, although they did help support him, but mainly formed from real life situations. An example of this from his college life would be when he applied for a job on campus at The Coffee Shop, a local business at Hartwick University, where he attended school. The business was in a weak financial state when he received the position to manage their finances. He had made an agreement with his...

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... Slack 4 their skills in entrepreneurship, which taught them how to conquer fear, encourage people skills and become confident in who they are as an individual, have helped them during their life time than the mandatory theater art classes they took in college (excluding music teachers, of course.) We might want to put more effort into what we are teaching the next average B student generation. Adams puts it perfectly when he says “Remember, children are our future, and the majority of them are B students. If that doesn’t scare you, it probably should (529).”

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